Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Late Eight

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The Late Eight

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The Late Eight Description


This new book is a resource for clinicians, students, and academics working with students whose speech contains errors affecting [th] (voiced theta), [th] (unvoiced theta), [s], [z], [l], Vocalic [r], [r], [sh], or [ts]. These nine sounds typically are the last acquired by English speaking children, and are the sounds most likely to challenge school-aged students and non-native English speakers, both children and adults. It fill the need for a resource that a student or clinician can turn to when treating a school-aged student or non-native English speaker who experiences difficulties with one or more late acquired sound. Resources for each late acquired sound include: Technical and non-technical definitions; Age of acquisition; Common errors; Key phonetic environments; Useful metaphors; Touch cues; Initial screening tests; Stimulability tests; Demonstrations of place, manner, and voicing; Phonetic placement and shaping techniques; Speech exercises; Language awareness and speech activities; List of words divided by phonetic and word environments; Minimal pairs. Included is a free CD with reproducible "cheat sheets," exercises, and word lists for clinical use. Included in these materials are: 24 different demonstrations of place, manner, and voicing; 53 phonetic placement and shaping techniques; different types of speech exercises; 35 language awareness and speech activities; over 4,000 words divided by phonetic and word environments; over 2,200 minimal pairs. Designed to make session planning more efficient and effective, this represents an excellent tool for the busy professional. Covering all background principles and specific applications, this powerful book-CD combination includes reproducible materials necessary for, and fully adaptable to suit individual client needs..

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