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Pediatric Audiology Casebook

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Pediatric Audiology Casebook

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Pediatric Audiology Casebook Description


Pediatric Audiology Casebook bridges the gap between content knowledge and clinical application in an accessible manner that will enable readers to put learned theory into active practice by engaging them in problem-based learning.This compendium of key cases is an excellent choice for the classroom, covering everything from basic and complex diagnostic cases, to hearing aid technology, vestibular issues, and the management of auditory development. Each case is consistently organized, beginning with the patient<’>s clinical history and audiologic testing. The authors then pose a series of evaluative questions to the reader, followed by carefully considered, thought-provoking answers designed to foster understanding. Cases close with a discussion of the definitive diagnosis, recommended treatment options, and the final outcome.Features
  • 69 highly relevant cases cover a wide variety of common and uncommon clinical scenarios
  • All cases follow a consistent, user-friendly format, guiding the reader from assessment and diagnosis through treatment and outcome
  • Incisive discussion questions provide a critical lens for clinical evaluation
  • Over 50 audiograms are accompanied by a universal reference key to facilitate ease-of-use
  • This textbook is essential reading for the graduate level audiology student on his or her quest to become a thoughtful and effective diagnostician. It is a valuable teaching tool for audiology and SLP professors, as well as a practical reference for clinicians in their daily practice. This text is also useful for SLPs who work with children with hearing loss, as well as for pediatricians and otolaryngologists.Pediatric Audiology Casebook is the ideal companion to the bestselling textbook Pediatric Audiology: Diagnosis, Technology, and Management by the same authors..

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