Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Psyche, Self, and Soul

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Psyche, Self, and Soul

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Psyche, Self, and Soul La revue


Psyche, Self and Soul is a many faceted exploration of the relationship of psychotherapy and spirituality. Introducing the term 'an everyday transcendence', Gargiulo studies the silent alone space of each individual and relates a psychoanalytic exploration to a spiritual journey. Calling on the thought of philosophers, theologians, scientists and analysts, the text gives a new framework for understanding psychoanalysis and spirituality grounded in the here and now as well as a psychoanalysis that respects mystery, justice and civility.

The clinical cases demonstrate how each patient's task must be understood as individualized, and consequently, how the analyst/therapist must creatively adapt clinical technique. D.W. Winnicott's thoughts are applied throughout the text and are given a comprehensive summary in the final chapters.


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