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AUDIOLOGY Treatment La revue


From the principles of hearing aid instrumentation, selection, and
fitting, to the medical and surgical management of ear diseases and hearing
disorders, to the rehabilitation of the patient with hearing loss, the new
edition of Audiology: Treatment is an invaluable, up-to-date resource for the latest approaches to treating hearing disorders. Organized into two main sections, the book begins by guiding the reader through the principles of treatment and then presents important applications for the clinical setting.


  • Insights from respected experts in the field
  • New chapters on the numerous advances in hearing aid
    technology and electroacoustic analysis of hearing aids; the importance of
    outcome measures in validating the performance of amplification; treatment
    options for patients with processing disorders; new signals for real ear
    measures; and the use of fully implantable devices
  • Chapter outlines to rapidly acquaint reader with topics
    to be discussed
  • Pearls, pitfalls, controversial points, and special
    considerations providing recommendations and comments on key aspects of patient

Audiology: Treatment is one part of a three-volume series, which is completed by Audiology: Diagnosis and Audiology: Practice Management.
Together these books provide audiologists and students in graduate programs with a complete compendium of information on optimizing patient care.

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