Friday, November 20, 2015

Tinnitus Handbook

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Tinnitus Handbook

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Tinnitus Handbook Description


For students interested in audiology or speech and language sciences, this comprehensive text covers a wide range of aspects regarding tinnitus. Written by professionals, the text begins with the epidemiology of tinnitus, including classification, incidence in populations, and causes, as well as reviews of different studies. It then addresses the psychological profile of a tinnitus patients, how tinnitus affects a patient's lifestyle, work, relationships, and communications, and the patient's relationship to others around them. Other sections include tinnitus and insomnia, physiological mechanisms and neural models, medical and surgical evaluation and management, tinnitus in children, and finally a history of tinnitus. Sections pertaining to therapy and treatment for the patient include hearing aids, maskers, habituation therapy, counseling, and biofeedback..

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