Thursday, September 3, 2015

Exercises for Voice Therapy

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Exercises for Voice Therapy

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Exercises for Voice Therapy La revue


This eminently practical book provides speech-language pathologists with step-by-step instruction in developing treatment plans and session materials for clients-both children and adults-with all types of voice disorders, and features a range of methods from a variety of clinical viewpoints. Incuded are forty-nine exercises-each presented in a consistent format-from twenty-eight world-leading voice therapists, who collectively present tasks organized into a cohesive activity for one or more therapeutic goals. The difficulty levels of the exercise are varied, with some suitable for novice voice therapists, while others require a greater depth of experience to be used most effectively. Similarly, voice clients will find some exercises more challenging than others. Each chapter focuses on a parameter of the voice production system that may need to be addressed. Some exercises offer a basic framework for building an entire session, and others are designed to fulfill a more specific need within a broader framework. The accompanying CD contains recordings of twenty-one of the exercises to provide an aural model for those exercises that may be difficult to interpret from the written text alone..

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